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About me

Since childhood, I felt connected to the world of photography and I have always been in love with cinema. After a bachelor in Psychology I decided to combine these two passions.

The love for art and painting taught me a lot about light and the use of colours. Each story has its own way of being told and audiovisuals require, like any art, knowledge of grammar. This is why I like to consider myself the right-hand man of the directors I work for and with whom I establish a strong collaborative relationship.

Thanks to my constant experience in international productions, I have developed technical versatility and communication skills, both linguistically and culturally.


During the high school’s years I attended for three years at a supplementary class in psychoanalysis through cinema for 3 years and when I was in University I directed a weekly film club for students (Mondayscreen of Asu Padova) for 4 years.

_ Master’s Degree in Cinematography at MET filmschool Berlin, West London University

_ Workshop “Virtual reality cinema” at the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School

_ Prague Film School (“Advanced Filmaking” in Narrative Filmaking)

At the Prague Film School I got specialized in the second year as a director of photography while the first year I preferred to follow all the classes (direction, editing, mixing and sound editing) to have a 360 ° knowledge of the roles on the set; I directed 7 short films in that year.

_ Bachelor’s Degree in Social Psychology (“Social and Labor Psychological Sciences” at the University of Padua)

My thesis was on the importance of cinema for the the active aging and what are the market responses in Europe and in the United States.

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